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"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal."

- Earl Nightengale

Chris Lesner
Founder & CEO @ Project World Impact (PWI)

Taylor University


Daily Herald C-Suite of the Year Award




Project World Impact


Chris Lesner is the Founder and CEO of Project World Impact (PWI). Chris was born in Michigan, but grew up on four continents—which has given him a natural global perspective.

As a sophomore in college, Chris helped start a marketing company in Indiana that, in just two years, grew to have Fortune 500 clients and multimillion dollars of revenue. At age 20, Chris founded PWI, a company passionate about helping nonprofits. Near the end of college, Chris left his original company, to devote his full-time to PWI.

PWI has now created, a nonprofit “hub”, which actively helps thousands of nonprofits improve fundraising and gain visibility online. PWI products provide technology-based solutions to many of the fundraising questions that nonprofits are facing at little to no cost, while also connecting nonprofits to over 5 million cause-minded users that use the PWI site to find nonprofits.

Chris also established a marketing arm of PWI aimed at providing a full-range of marketing services - websites, apps, graphic design, SEO, marketing consulting, and more. Although nonprofits clients are the primary focus, many for-profit companies have also contracted with PWI for marketing support. Overall, over 250 organizations have been served by PWI’s marketing arm.

Chris serves on the Wheaton Academy Foundation Board, is President of the PWI Foundation, provides leadership to NCS-Chicago West, and is an advisor to many organizations. Chris is a guest lecturer at Wheaton College, a sought-after speaker, and has been featured on radio programs, podcasts, conferences, and in newspapers—which highlight leaders in the entrepreneurship space.

Chris lives with his wife, Jenn, and newborn son, Levi, in West Chicago, IL.

Chris Lesner