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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

Ernest Swierk
President @ Rainbow Property Maintenance



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Ever since I was a little boy, living in Krakow, Poland, I was told that I couldn’t be something, that my dreams would never happen that nothing I wanted to create was possible. I used to ask myself, “Who am I to want to create something different?” “Who am I to have these dreams?”   Well, I decided to move past everything that had been pushed into me in childhood and all the negativity that the world threw at me.   I came to the United States and now I stand before you the founder of a $1M company.   I created something of value despite having been told my entire life it wasn’t possible.   I’m here today because I know with the right support everything is possible. I’m honored to be here today and looking forward to working together

I came to United States when I was 16 years old by myself. To pay my everyday living expenses I started working trying to get as much experience as possible. All the while, in my mind I had a vision of one day having my own business. 

In order to achieve my dream I worked hard, went to Daley College and Moraine Valley College to learn English, went to training programs and was reading business related books and articles. 

By the age 19 I started my own construction business. I was working in remodeling and a lot of it was fire and water cleanup and restoration. Because the amount of contracts I had was not sufficient to get me by I was doing small jobs for other contractors and started working as a truck driver to make enough money to reach my goals. While driving I have learned how to manage my work and hire people to do the work for me. I had grown it to 5 semi-truck and 4 Owner Operators

All the while I was making some extra money and saving it to purchase some properties. I remodeled them for a nice look and was able to sell them for a good profit. We own 4 single family Real estate properties. We also provide managerial and consultation services for 2 owners who are interested in our One Stop Real estate Services approach and Janitorial services. 

For a long time I was not concentrating on the growth just word of mouth and minimal advertisement,  mainly helping others and wanting to spend the time with my family (we struggle to have kids) and that was my biggest purpose to be with them as much as possible once we got them. I was really happy and still am but I realized that I want to do more to help even more people and to do that I found out that I need to concentrate more on myself and my business that way I can grow and then I'll be able to do better for not only myself but others as well. 

We Sponsor Together We Rise, I also recently acted and am in small part of creating a movie The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich which is based on the book by Napoleon Hill “THINK and GROW RICH”

Ernest  Swierk