We are proud of the pedigree of our mentors, who often belong to other prestigious organizations such as YPO, EO, & Vistage.  We uphold the culture and honor of these institutions, as we believe in providing ONLY Shared Experiences when giving guidance to our mentees which allows them to grow themselves and/or their businesses.  We strongly discourage “advice-giving.”

The Mentor Candidate must meet at least TWO of the following Qualifications:

Holds at least one of these titles: Chairman, C-Suite, President, Vice President, Director, or General Consul.

Must currently lead, have acquired, or sold a business that does $1 million or more in annual revenue.

Corporate professionals must oversee a P&L of $1 Million or more and manage at least

5 people.

Actively involved in creating a book of business for a company of at least

$2 million


Ways To Be A Mentor