True Mentors started from a TRUE and Authentic relationship where an ambitious young visionary, Quinton James wanted to gain shared experiences from someone who has clearly had success in multiple areas (family, business, and personal). He had the amazing opportunity to meet with Gary Rabine who is a TRUE American Success Story. As they both were giving back and speaking about professional development at a non-profit organization, and Quinton James did the imaginable: he stuck out his hand and asked to get a cup of coffee with a successful leader in America. This is where the mentorship began. Quinton and Gary built a great mentor/mentee relationship for over year that was based on shared experiences, values, and principles of succeeding in all areas of life. Gary always wanted to start a platform that gave startup and seasoned business owners the opportunity to build TRUE relationships with industry leaders and titans. Thus, the True Mentors platform was created. 

The First Event

APRIL 1ST, 2015

We had our Very first Event April. Where 4 leaders In their industry did a success round table about their experiences.  

(panel discussion)

The Roosevelt Torch