Tony Lawlor | Profile

"Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it."

   - Charles R. Swindoll 

Tony Lawlor
CEO/ Executive Consultant

University of Illinois- Champaign

& Wheaton College Graduate School


First-generation college student and, a graduate school student, though I grew up in foster care. 




Lawlor Consulting Group LLC


Tony Lawlor is a person destined to succeed and dedicated to helping others do the same.  Tony started Lawlor Consulting Group LLC because he has seen that many youth-serving non-profit organizations in the inner city of Chicago lacked proper funding and the ability to sustain themselves.  Tony worked for a non-profit for years before starting his own non-profit, where he served foster youth from 14-25 years old.  Working in the non-profit arena afforded Tony with the opportunity to network with a great deal of other youth-serving organizations.  As a result, Tony realized the major struggles these youth-serving non-profits, who kept our most vulnerable youth off the streets, faced with obtaining funding to keep their doors open. 

Therefore, Tony decided to take action and start a company that essentially provides grant writing, evaluation & assessments as well as program development for non-profit organizations in Chicago and surrounding communities. Lawlor consulting Group LLC tagline is “transforming lives in communities.”With Tony’s passion to serve others and provide the services, they need to not only survive but also thrive, its no wonder that Lawlor Consulting Group LLC is so successful. With new consultants joining the Lawlor Consulting Group team, more lives than ever are being transformed and more and more consultants are growing and succeeding as well. When Tony is not working with his clients or providing training, he enjoys his daddy and daughter dates, speaking to youth and aspiring entrepreneurs and working on his next book projects.

Tony Lawlor